Thursday, 5 July 2012

Project Jagdpanther, Pt. 3, Details

Ok, got some time to continue working on the paintjob.

First I primed the details with black followed with Citadels Dark Flesh on to-be metal parts and Scorched Brown on wooden parts. After that the metal parts got Vallejos 155 Light Grey and wooden parts got Beige Brown. Then I washed all metal parts with Nuln Black. Also I used Scorched Brown for shading the deepest areas.

The crew got the same basecoat of Dark Flesh under skin, the skin color is Citadels Dwarf Flesh shaded once with Nuln Black and re-applied for highlight.

The muzzle break got Scorched Brown and Nuln Black wash, although I'm not happy with the result as it seems to be too even and dark and ending too suddenly.

Tracks were painted in the same way as the rest of the metal parts. Exhaust pipes were painted Dark Flesh and given a very heavy wash of Nuln Black to make them look weathered.

And here's a little art picture... the idea came from using the pen to highlight the metal parts to give them that metallic little shine.

So the painting is now done and the next job is to apply all the foliage camouflage. Still not sure how to do this and how much to use foliage and camouflage net (mosquito net). Definately the gun barrel will receive camouflage netting but will I add it to other areas as well is still unsure. All ideas concerning camouflage are welcomed.

But all that will be next weeks problem, now on to the "well deserved" workshifts over the weekend nights.