Friday, 26 June 2015

German objectives

Hi all :)

I finally managed to finish my two objectives I have been building for almost two months now. As the summer begun so did my "daytime" job (nightshifts) which perfectly cut my painting time to zero. But I did took some time where I could and little by little finished this build.

I'm quite pleased for the end results though I think the "bunker" came out too high. What I really like is the look of the forward outpost. As an after thought I could have added some more equipments like panzerfausts and boxes but I can add those later if I want (no varnish applied).

I am already planning new objectives to be built, or pillboxes on a large base. Will post some sketch images once I get my pen and paper out.

Thanks for reading.

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Painting German LW infantry, Halkomahooli-style

Hi there!

After I posted some finished pictures of my LW German infantry for the two unfinished objectives I'm currently building, I've been asked on how I did that part or this. So I thought I should propably collect it all under one headline. Here I give you, fellow gamers and painters, a painting guide on how I painted my German troops, Halkomahooli-style.

Helmets are a mix of unknown portions of VMC Light Grey, VMC Black and VMC Cam. Olive Green. Likely the mix is as follows: 6:1:3. It can also be a bit lighter in which case add more Light Grey.

After applying a few coats of this mix, washed with Nuln Oil. First highlight added with the original color and top highlight with pure Light Grey.

Uniforms are a result of Basecolor VMC Black followed by VMC Luftwaffe Cam. Green. Next added VMC Cam. Olive Green and VMC Russian Unif. WWII.

Final highlight was a light mix of Cam. Olive Green and VMC Pale Grey Blue. It's quite light color that I use, the mix is something like 5:2 which is enough to get it very light.

After this I washed the uniform with watered down Cam. Olive Green (CAUTION! Use very little amount of this green wash and wipe 95% or more of it off or you'll lose the initial highlights!) and after that with Nuln Oil. Then I re-highlighted the uniform with the mix I had created before, first with a bit darker tone (add 1 or 2 drops of Cam. Olive Green) and then with original mix.

MGs, and other metallish parts were made NMM (non-metallic metal) with Light Grey as a base, washed with Nuln Oil and highlighted with Light Grey.

Bags, straps and pouches were made the same way as the MGs stocks. A coat of Chocolate Brown followed by a coat of Beige Brown. After this washed lightly with Nuln Oil and highlighted with Beige Brown.

Gasmask canister and the tent mattres were first painted with a mix of VMC Middlestone and Beige Brown, the mix was about 3:2. I then washed with them lightly with Nuln Oil. Highlights were made with the basecoat mix and extreme highlights with pure Middlestone.

Faces were painted Dwarf Flesh (GW), and highlighted with it after a Nuln Oil wash.

The boots were left Black.

So here you you have a nicely finished LW German troops. It took me 6 hours to just do these 4 guys so it might not be a way to quickly get your minis painted. Though I'm not the fastest painter around :)

See you around!