Friday, 26 June 2015

German objectives

Hi all :)

I finally managed to finish my two objectives I have been building for almost two months now. As the summer begun so did my "daytime" job (nightshifts) which perfectly cut my painting time to zero. But I did took some time where I could and little by little finished this build.

I'm quite pleased for the end results though I think the "bunker" came out too high. What I really like is the look of the forward outpost. As an after thought I could have added some more equipments like panzerfausts and boxes but I can add those later if I want (no varnish applied).

I am already planning new objectives to be built, or pillboxes on a large base. Will post some sketch images once I get my pen and paper out.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Very nice work! I don't think the bunker is too high. It's hard to get much height in within the limitations of a large FoW base with it looking a bit top heavy. The highlighting on the logs looks great. What did you use for the netting?

  2. Thanks Paul! Yeah the bases are just a bit too small to do any "stable" buildings except if you do a nest etc.

    The netting is just normal non-streching bandage dyed with tea. It has darkened a bit more from the time of the picture after the glue dried completely. And I think I've finally "mastered" the placement and gluing process, I first placed the bandage and then added the glue with an old brush. Way much easier than first dropping the bandage into the glue and hope it won't curl badly.