Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Jagdtiger factory - Nibelungen Works, objective

Hello there!

Thanks to some other very good painters and bloggers I've opted to build and paint a red tone Jagdtiger. Difference in my work is, I'm going to use it not only in gaming but also as an objective. I thought that I should do something different on this build compared to what others have do (or what I've seen) so why not build some surroundings. And what would be more iconic than the building site of these behemoths, the Nibelungen Works.

Due to heavy weight of JT I need to do some more work for the building and planning stages as I'll need to add some magnets to hold the massive weight of the JT in place. For this I'll be using 3 or 4 5mm*1mm round rare earth magnets with one side drilled into the tracks and the other smoothed to pavement level with pumice.

The scene will be set as a JT parked next to a concrete wall while a guard watches over so no one will try to steal or sabotage this great beast.

The concrete wall is made with inner core from coctail sticks and a light layer of pumice to create the concrete itself, the coctail sticks create a nice shape, just like the one when builders use a mold build from planks to cast the concrete.

As my pumice is light brownish I first painted it black and then light grey. It was then washed to bring out the details and drybrushed with different shades of light grey. I also reasoned that my wall would need a barbed wire on top of it so I took some wire and rolled it around a paintbrush. I then painted it grey with a bit different shade than the wall itself and clued it in place.

 Thanks for reading and be sure to check out for further updates on the project.

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