Thursday, 23 July 2015

Last line of defence, objective

While I'm waiting for the Jagdtiger to arrive to LGS for the Nibelungen Works objective, I've started planning for the next build. I think this could be located to either front or inside Berlin itself, a last defence line. It will be an Anti-Tank bunker armed with 3,7cm PaK36 (definately outdated by the end of the war) which will be defended by two German soldiers armed to the teeth with panzerfausts, panzerschreck and an MG42.

This would be either an active bunker made out of concrete (would be build like the wall on the Nibelungen Works) or a destroyed one, I haven't desided yet.

So far there is only a sketch drawing with no thought given to troop or equipment placement. I will get to that once I'm closer to finishing the Nibelungen Works objective.

If you'd like to help with planning and have your "touch" seen in this build, drop me a comment with your suggestion.

Thank you for reading!

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