Sunday, 9 March 2014

May we have some Russian steel?

Hi all!

They are all done! 10 SU-100/SU-85Ms, 8 IS-2 obr 1943s and one T-34/85 obr 1944!

Took some time, and those IS-2s were made long before I even thought about buying SU-100s, but the important thing is I'm done with these. Now there are only 9 infantry stands to paint and base in various stages and I hope to have done those in the next month or so.

That will leave me some more infantry stands to paint and base but those are not needed at the moment so they can wait.

Also heres a picture of my IL-2 in winter camo.

Full cadre

Full cadre

Full cadre

Full cadre

SU-100s & T-34/85


IL-2 Support

After this I will return back to my German army and buff it with one more Tiger I E, some AAA and a Bergepanther. These will be for my Schwere Panzerkompanie from Atlantik Wall.

I found this list to be fantastic to play and I've always loved and wanted to field a Schwere Panzerkompanie mixed with Tiger I Es and KTs.

So here's the list I'm currentry playing in our Firestorm Caen campaing:

CiC - Tiger I E
Bergepanther recovery

1. Schwere Panzer platoon - 2* Tiger I Es
2. Schwere Panzer platoon - 1* KT (Porsche)

Schwere Panzer Armored AA - 2* Armored Sd Kfz 10/5 (2cm)
Schwere Armored Panzer Scout platoon - 5 MG + 5 half-trucks

21. PD - Panzer platoon - 3* Pz IV H
Rocket Launcher Battery - 3* 15cm NW41

1640 points/6 platoons

Could and should take that panzerfaust with my Armored Scouts, but those guys are always backed by either Tigers + KT of Pz IV Hs so there always is some AT with them.

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