Monday, 28 April 2014

Fresh eggs anyone?

While watching a documentary of German war-reporters during WW2, I saw a scene where German troops where making a fried egg on a side of their tank in Africa. From that I got an instant idea: I want that as an objective marker for myself!

This is a good one for me as I hate to always place just one "proper" objective marker and other that is just a plain card. So here I think is a good starting plan for my second objective.

I know that my first has been made in some "European" terrain with bushes and grass, not suitable for African weather conditions and thatyou propably wont find hot enough place in Europe to frie an egg on you tank but anyway I think this is cool.

Now I know that in this video footage, it's in Africa and I know that Germans didn't have Panzer III ausf. L models in Africa but would it still be proper to use this model as I think it's the most coolest Panzer III variant in Battlefronts line. And the second question, where can I find a figure that I can use as a cook?!

Please leave a comment or idea about this!

Thanks and see you around!

29.4. EDIT: Ordered 1 Panzer III ausf. L today. LGS site tells me that it takes 1 to 5 days to deliver the product... we'll see...

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