Saturday, 24 May 2014

Some good news and some bad news!

Bad news first!

I got informed from FLGS that they are not able to deliver me the Panzer III L or N at the moment because all their sources are out of stock of that item. This means my objective project is going to take a huge delay which I'm very sad. I had hoped to get it all done by 1st of July but now I fear that even if I somehow could get my order, I won't be able to finish in time due to my other works.

Well when it's done, it's done!

Then the good news!

My Tiger I E has finished it's assembly (almost, I'm missing magnets from the turret as I can't find them anywhere in the house!!). The assembly was really easy and painless. Very limited flash and the hull was very clean.

I tried to add some fuel cans in a rack but couldn't find a place where I'd liked them. I even tried to bent it to fit it behind the turret basket. Otherwise I left t quite bare, no mud guards or sideskirts. This will give some rougnes in comparison to the other two Tiger I Es in my force.

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