Thursday, 17 July 2014

2./512. Schwere Panzerjäger Abteilung - Defending Ludendorff Bridge

Finally received my price book "Bridge at Remagen" for Best Painted in Ace of Aces contest from Battlefront, big thanks for them!

This book is The Book for every player wanting to field a mix of Big Cats with Big Guns. And as you might have quessed from my previous post, I'm the kind of players to like and want them. From the first time I read that Carius, Jagdtigers and King Tigers were going to be in a same list I knew I just wanted to have this book ith all the sweetness.

Now that I've had my first look on the book I've come up with a list where I can have them all. It's not a competitive list in any way but you just can't have it all! ;)

This is 1650 points list using 2./512. sPzJgAbt. Nice thing with this is I only need one compulsory combat platoon.

This gives me 5 platoons, 4 which counts when counting for reserves. From the list you already might quess which platoons would go to reserve, unless there is a damn big tankrush coming my way and I need to bring as much long range AT into bear as possible. Reluctant isn't that bad when you still are veteran or have high armor value.


  1. Looks like a fun list, and you've got a lot of firepower there!

    1. As it should be, purely for fun. I find big guns just so intimidateing, perhaps I need to look at RT heavy tanks too to field as much as I can.