Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Something totally different...

...something completely bizare and it won't happend again! Promise!

But I just have to show you guys my HMS Revenge, Imperial Flagship from Lego, set number 6271. Yes you read it right, LEGO! My legos have been in the basement for over a decade now and I decided it was about time to bring them out again. I had promised to my son that he would get my old legos in time and that time has now come. I told him what kind of sets I had and could build and he chose my redcoat ship made in the 90s'. She still lacks her sails as I need to wash them but otherwise she's complete. I only had to change two pieces as I didn't find the correct color ones. My future plan for her is to buy one or two more mid section and other needed pieces so I can fit three guns on her deck and maybe extend her to two masts.

"Hoist the colors!"

"Ready the guns!"
HMS Revenge

"Full sails! To new adventures!"


  1. Very cool, brings back lots of good memories! You can tell this is an old-school kit by the lack of custom pieces. The newer ones tend to not use the basic bricks as much, and have more specialised parts.

  2. That's very true, but still somehow the old kits manages to greate so much nice details with so limited amount of custom pieces. It just is fantastic.