Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Halkomahooli goes to Operation Lounatuuli

A little upcoming tournament here in Finland, Operation Lounatuuli, which I'm going to attend. The tournament takes place on the western front during 1944-45 (LW) and the armysize is going to be 1780 points. For the beginning I was going to go with 2nd Gebirgsjägerdivision but sadly their .pdf wont be validated in time for me to build up and paint all the missing figures I'd need. The .pdf got validated on 13.2. which is too late for me to paint the missing troops of mine as I'm a bit slow painter these days, work and family and all...

After a lot of thinking and puzzling I've ended up with 559. Schwere Panzerjäger Abteilung from the Bridge by Bridge book. I was anyway going to field 2 Jagdpanthers in my Gebirgsjägerlist so why not taking some more and combine them with some Stug assault guns.

Without any playtesting the list I've come up is as follows:

CiC Stug G

Combat platoons
1. Schwere Panzerjäger platoon: 3 Stugs
2. Schwere Panzerjäger platoon: 3 Jagdpanthers

Support platoons
Grenadier platoon (7 panzerfaust rifle/MG, 1 panzerschreck)
Grenadier Heavy Artillery Battery (4 15.0 sFH18)
Heavy Anti-Aircraft Battery (2 8.8 Flak36, 2 extra crew, trenchline + gun pits)

5 platoons/1775 points

I'm going to try to have some pics from the tournament and try to do a little batreps from my own battles.

EDIT: a little update here, dropped the 2iC and changed Grenadier Artillery Battery into Grenadier Heavy Artillery Battery

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