Friday, 6 June 2014

Reinforcements ready!

Ok, it took me a while to paint it after I got it built but my third Tiger I E is now ready to protect Fatherland!

I basecoated the tank black and after that gave it a few light coats of Middlestone. Second camocolor I used is Beige Brown and I did it with an old medium sized drybrush. Tracks, tools, cables and jack were first being painted with Light Grey and then washed over with Nuln Oil. Red oxide was done by mixing 2 parts Red Gore and 1 part Dark Brown and being washed over again with Nuln Oil.

And here are the pictures:


As you may notice I haven't done any mud or dust as I'm not sure yet what kind of mud or dust should I do. My older Tigers have just some drybrushed Dark Brown and Beige Brown
 but I may want something new for this one.

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