Sunday, 8 February 2015

Talvisota: AAR/Picture dump! WARNING: VERY PICTURE HEAVY!


So the tournament has come and gone. Here are some highlights from the event and pictures.
The army that I finally decided to take with me was 2./512. sPzJgAbt from Bridge at Remagen.

It was very nicely organized tournament with enough time to really play our games with 1900 points per side, though with some exceptions... ;) The boards where very good looking and had some thight places but also some open areas, which my big cats liked a lot.

I'd like to thank the organizers and all the players for having a very good time and some really enjoyable games!!

Day 1

Game 1: Free-For-All
Opponent: Säkki/US Parachute Rifle Company
Result: 6-1 for US

Game 2: Hasty Attack
Opponent: Earnest/FIN Jalkaväkikomppania
Result: 4-3 for FIN

Game 3: No Retreat
Opponent: Popo/GER SS Wiking Panzergrenadierkompanie
Result: 4-3 for GER/2./512.sPzJgAbt
Carius lost

Day 2

Game 4: Breakthrough
Opponent: Sappi/USSR Guards Heavy Tank Batallion
Result: 6-1 for GER (game ended at the start of turn two)

Game 5: Dust Up
Opponent: Humie/FIN Jääkärikomppania
Result: 6-1 for FIN


First day was an uphill struggle with two missions with deployments on long edges witch I really can't do with only 4 platoons.

First game was a pure blood bath that I could have played smarter. I made an idiot desition to assault with 2 KTs and Carius. There was just way too much bodies in my way. Should have stayed back and use Carius' ability to yake out single targets from long range. Also exposing my KTs flanks to those Hellcats was purely a placement error which resulted into a dead platoon.

Second game was much better and it was a close call that I could have won. It all culminated to Carius being bailed and not able to contest an objective and two company moral rolls which I passed with 6s,  all to frustrate my opponent. Although everything worked as planned and my both flanks worked a horrendous casualities to the enemy, it was the T-34/85s that saved the day for Finns as my reluctant panzergrenadiers were reluctant to assault them...

Third game was much easier with short table edge deployment although I lost Carius to a lucky shooting from 105mm artillery. I was able to first block an attack from one side and then from the other and shoot away enough enemy platoons to force his company to break. I think the "Man-of-the-Match" in this one were my half-tracks giving me supporting fire everywhere I needed.

Second day started with a blast when I got to face a Guards Heavy Tank Company. My opponent desided to have 9 KV-1s tanks and 5 KV-1s(flame) tanks on board and tried to double time with all but flame tanks which tried to mess with my plan. Without saying it went wrong for my opponent. He lost 10 tanks in one round of shooting. Two Soviet companies destroyed and at the start of second round he failed his 3+ company moral when he rolled 2...
We then played another game with him to see if another strategy would have helped but it ended to same result, but only with one dead JT thanks to failed motivation due to double bail out.

Last game was pretty much a waiting game as neither of us had any real offensive power at the start. For about four rounds whe just exchanged artillery/JT/KT/aircrafts. But then we got started. We both had some uphills and downhills with attacks and shooting and my opponents Sturmis had some very bizzare luck against 2(!) of my JTs, I only managed to bail his Sturmis!! In the end the all started to collapse when I lost both of my KTs. I then opted to try to assault his Pioneeri platoon with JT platoon and 2iC but thanks to very bad armor saves (both rolled 1s!) I lost the fight and my third platoon. And as you can guess, reluctant motivation plays its hand and my company breaks.

Final Results:

Player               Overall Score
JussiV                        23
Gorzag                       22
Nysse                        22
Trekkeri                      21
Earnest                      19
Guardsman                 18
Vonrichthofen              18
Säkki                         18
popo                          16
Halkomahooli             15
Tumppi                      15
Värri                          13
Monni                        12
Sappi                         12

Picture dump:

Carius is dead, first time ever! :(

That was fast...

More pictures here:

Thanks for reading.


  1. Nice write up, and some great looking tables. Sounds like some tough games. At 1900 points you must have been facing some very big numbers of troops! Excellent job defeating the Soviet tank horde in two turns :-)

    1. Thanks Paul :) Some of the games were really tough yes. I was really frustrating for me to face 4/5 companies of infantry with big platoons or big platoons+multiple infantry platoons. For example Finnish Jalkaväkikompania had 3 Jalkaväki platoons and a Pioneeri platoon as a core, add that some heavy artillery, mortars, heavy mortars, HMGs and tanks and I really had some hard time facing them. And some of my colleagues had also some tough games.

      With the Soviet tank horde it was quite fun but sadly very fast game. And really it couldn't end up in any other way on that board we had been given and as I had the privilage to choose the table quarter. It was very uneven matchup. He could only bail me from side armor and couldn't get any saves from my big guns in return. But with some more forests to give him more cover and to block my line of sights it could have been totally different story.

  2. What else did the USSR Guards Heavy Tank Batallion have besides 9 KV-1s tanks and 5 KV-1s(flame) ?

    1. 3 or 4 more KV-1s, 3 SU-152s and a big unit of Katyushas, all these in reserve.

  3. An Inzhenerno-Saperniy Company would have been a better choice .

    1. Aye, it might have against my list but apparently his list did work against some of our infantry players. My list was was a rock to his scissors.