Friday, 20 February 2015

My sons first own tank and some other news!

My 3 years old son has wanted to have my tanks as his toys so I bought him one (not to use as a toy though!). Just built it with him and now I will teach him how to paint it.

This serves in two ways:
1. I may one day have a gaming buddy without leaving home.
2. As I'm a trained to use AT weapons in military, I may start teaching him some tricks and to identify different tanks and types.

He's so going to grow to be a good panssarintorjuntamies!
*Proud father*

In the other news!

I today got my order of fourth Jagdtiger and a Begleit Assault Platoon. This one I'm going to build to be my Carius so I'm going to give it some extra touches that will give him off at the battlefield.

Planned modifications are quite straight from the "Bridge at Remagen" -book, an MG to the back deck for AA usage and partial removal of side skirts. I may do some other modifications too but I haven't desided anything yet.

Also I'm quite not sure how I can do a camouflage that I've chosen with normal brushes, I don't have airbrush at my disposal nor do I have an access to use one. The camouflage has been chosen deliberately to be very different from my other tanks.

Pre-planned camouflage for Carius

One idea for the Begleits, though I may not use as many as four.

Hope you like the ideas. All comments and helps regarding painting, and conversion ideas are more than welcomed!

EDIT: Current stage of Jagdtigers conversions. Some changes possible. All ideas are welcomed!


  1. Nice work, start them young! I like your ideas for Carius and his Jagdtiger. I think these late-late-war behemoths are the perfect platform for getting experimental with camo patterns and mix and match looks. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out :-)

  2. Thanks Paul! :)

    Hence the idea of making Carius' Jagdtiger. The possibilities on paints and camopatterns and all the possible conversions is just way too tempting.

    I've just added the AA MG and checked some placements for four tank escorts though I think it may be too crowded for all of this to be placed on the back deck. Also I've some ideas of other possible stuff that they may have been carrying with them, like bags, ammo, camonets and plankets. I will add a picture of the Jagdtigers current stages a bit later to this blogpost so please take a look. :)