Saturday, 16 April 2016

MW Panzers, full steam ahead! 1650pts

Operation Speeding Tracks

The description of the operation is an attack of a reinforced Panzer III platoon.


The enemy Battlegroup has set up a defensive positions in point X with strength Y.


The Battlegroup will defeat the enemy it encounters at the point Rämä and will preparing to continue the attack towards point Z after an order is given.

The battleplan and the role of the platoons:

Panzer III's primary task is to try to close with enemy forces as soon as possible. A secondary mission is for the PzIII platoon is to destroy enemy armor, as well as the destruction of infantry weapons AT weapons. Panzer III platoon will be strengthened, where necessary and mission permitting, with three Flammpanzer IIIs, whose function is to allow the Battlegroup to successfully assault the enemy positions. Battlegroup will be reinforced by the battlegroup commander with his own Panther.

Intelligence Component's primary role is to disrupt indirect fire units and a secondary task to perform intelligence activities.

The Panther platoon will work as a fire support, the main task will be the enemys armored forces and the secondary task will be to disrupting of the indirect fire units.

Supporting troops:

Battlegroup won't be supported by indirect fire. The Battlegroup will base on the terrain and the movement to protect it while carrying out the task.

Battlegroup configuration:

Battlegroups Service:

The Battlegroup will be maintained and supplemented after the operation to its full strenght at the point K, at time determined later. During the operation, Battlegroup relies on local support units.

Fighting ID: Vauhtikone
Password: Räjähtävä-Rullalauta



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