Saturday, 20 September 2014

AAR: Estonian 20.SS - Fusilierkompanie vs. 2./512.sPzJgAbt !!PIC HEAVY!!

The other day we had a training game with a friend to prepare and to familiarize him to his forces for the coming EGT.

Last time we played we had Breakthrough as a scenario and for this time we randomly selected a new one. Last match was a victory for the Estonians 6-1 and I was sure to give my friend a steep uphill struggle this time.

Mission: We rolled with a random generator (aka die) and got Hold the Line.


Board & Deployment

Board from the side of 512.


1. Turn
Estonians make an all out attack throughout the sector.

Carius and 2iC open up. 2iC missing the pioneers and Carius claiming a victim from full SS-Grenadier platoon (First blood!)

2. Turn
Estonian advance continues and Tigers try to hit Carius and force him to join the Tiger platoon, only one hit and it bounces. Estonian air support targets the panzergrenadiers and pin them.

Carius and 2iC continua to fire, this time 2iC claims a victim from pioneers.
Carius fires at the Tigers but miss.

3. Turn
Estonians rush to the forest with tanks. One Tiger opens up on dug in panzergrenadiers and kills one team with a HE round

512 gets its first reserves, a Jagdtiger rumbles forward and shoots high and wide on the move.
Carius claims another victim from full SS-Grenadiers and 2iC shortens the life of another pioneer.
Tigers fight with Tigers but cause no damage!

4. Turn

Estonians rush through the forest with tanks and open up on Tigers destroying one. Hs129B pins the panzergrenadiers
Tigers assault the panzergrenadiers but cause no deaths but force them to fall back after failed motivation test (that 5+ save is a killer in assaults!).
Full SS-Grenadier (now redused) assaults the panzergrenadiers but is forcet to fall back with a bloody nose.

512 gets its second and last reserves. Carius retaliates and destroys a Tiger, 2iC shortens yet another pioneers life. Panzergrenadiers make their motivation test and are no longer pinned. Lonely Jagdtiger takes yet another high and wide shot... have they calibrated their sights?!

Pioneers and short SS-Grenadier platoon advance

A lot of fire coming

4 hits

And the Tiger burns

SS-Grenadiers lined up for assault

SS-Grenadiers pushed back

SS-Grenadiers have left the battlefield

Wirbelwinds arrive to aid Carius and 2iC

5. Turn
Tigers shoot a lot at Tigers and bails two, with one destroyed and no operational tanks the Tigers take a motivation test which they fail sending them packing. Yet again Tigers assault my panzergrenadiers but this time they are met with fire, one destroyed Tiger and one bailed stops the assault dead. Full SS-Grenadiers try to assault too but are beaten back by hail of MG fire. Short SS-Grenadier platoon makes its move and tries to assault with 1 team which is being killed by defensive fire.

Wirbelwinds come to aid 2iC and Carius. 2iC yet again shoots at pioneers. Carius takes out another Tiger and panzergrenadiers open up on full SS-Grenadiers. redusing them and forcing a motivation test which they fail. Short SS-Grenadier platoon is being shot down to 2 teams, they pass their motivation test. The last Estonian Tiger is being captured in the assault.

Tigers fire at Tigers
Tigers run away
Tigers take some panzerfausts

Pinned SS-Grenadiers and all that is left of the Tigers
At this point I ran out of power in my phone so no more pictures :(

6. Turn
At this point there is half strength pioneer platoon, few stands from short SS-Grenadier platoon and leIGs left from the enemy. Pioneers flame the wirbelwinds that have moved to protect Carius. 2 last members of the short SS-Grenadier platoon assault and are being killed in counterassault after panzergrenadiers receiving no hits.

Panzergrenadiers move up to take the pioneers head on and blaze them with MG fire, killing 1. 2iC and Carius kill 1 more forcing a motivation test which the pioneer pass.
7. Turn
In a last desperate action the pioneers try to assault the panzergrenadiers, they make it through the defensive fire but cause no hits in close combat so panzergrenadiers can jump up and mow down the pioneers in a few rounds of close combat Also the CiC of hte Estonians is lost in this melee. The last brave pioneer decides it's best to quit and leaves the battle.

In their own turn panzergrenadiers pour a lot of shots to the leIGs to no effect.

8. Turn
As the Estonians are below half strenght the last possible thing for them to do to stay in the game, company morale, 3+, but oh no it's too much for the Estonians and they flee the field of battle.


4-3 victory for 512.sPzJgAbt!

This was a close one. If my panzergrenadiers had stayed pinned when those Tigers assaulted I would have been slaughtered.


  1. Wow, that was a tough game! Hold the Line is a tricky mission, you have to be careful not to waste those ambushes, and delayed reserves can be a real killer.

    1. It sure was a close game. I opted not to plase any of my platoons in ambush as I only had 2 to deploy. Sure it might have had some use but as it was very obvious where the attack was going to hit, there was no use to deploy otherwise.

      With more platoons or different setups delayed reserves might came as a problem. After all all of the troops are reluctant so can't expect them to do well in assaults.

  2. Great pictures, that's a beautiful table!