Friday, 5 September 2014

EasyArmy version 2.0

So after a long silence Battlefront has come to tell us the big and waited news concerning EasyArmy.

"Forces Of War!
For many years one of our play testers and proof readers Gregg Siter has in his spare time been running Easy Army. He created it out of a personal desire to have a tool to manage his armies but it has grown so that many other people can now do the same. For those of you who don’t know this is a force building software package that helps you create and use army lists. When we gave Gregg the okay right at the start to do this we always assumed this would evolve into something more and now that time has come.

Easy Army is going to evolve into Forces of War. This will be an official FOW army builder that at its core uses Easy Army but now will have more features and graphics than ever before. We still have a little more work to do until we can show you the final version but our goal is to have it up and running before our next book, Barbarossa, is out in October. Stay tuned for more news as we will be showing you what it looks like and how it will work in the coming weeks.

~John Paul"

Few questions arise.

1. What will happend to those books already bought from EasyArmy, can we keep them or do we have to buy them again and for what price? 

2. What will happend to all our armylists in EasyArmy? This relates directly to the question 1 as I think if the books will be gone so will the lists.

3. What will the new pricing be? Once for a book, monthly or annually for whole content or some other. What level will the price be for one book?

4. Updates, this is perhaps the easiest. As it's going to be a software (mentioned in John Pauls post) it can check updates via internet every time it's started.

Well we'll need to wait for now. All I hope for is that we can keep our bought books and armylists.

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